I had a huge setback in the last few days.. As the RD mod awards went to vote, the 2.0 will be free from deadlines. So i decided to start detailing the hell out of this, i WILL win next year…

That means a lot of new details. I’ve finished most of the cliffs, quadrupling the amount of faces, adding random to the meshes. All new textures are now ready, only the last section needs new spec map.. Oh yeah, i added DX9 shaders to ALL textures and boy, do they look sweet…

Then i modeled a new rumblestrip but then came the problems.. After adding the strips, GTR2 started to give “Runtime Error”.. All new textures and XPacks were tested and fully functional. But it seems that there is some sort of limit of how many objects there can be and i maxed out..

I had to delete few at a time to find out what that limit is.. That process took 4 days and about 22 hours of “delete object -> export -> rebuild HAT” cycle that took 15 minutes each time, plus the whole minute my PC was locked when that Runtime Error came… ATM, there can be no new objects added, i’m maxed out.. I need to start prioritizing objects and delete all of the lo priority ones.. There is still some places that could need concrete slabs added to inside turns to places where people cut thru the ditches with two wheels.. Did i mentioned that i’m maxed out?

You can catch the latest build here: The version is 1.91b and it’s a GP layout for Race07.

Daily Builds

The daily builds can be found at project folder.. Those are the very latest versions and they DO NOT include XPacks but i will try to remember to include the changes like new textures etc.. That may not always be 100% sure as i have to remember those changes.


How to use: Open AH189 in BTB and save it as “AHDaily”. Copy the contents of the daily build to the AHDaily project folder, confirm overwrite!! Reopen the “AHDaily” in BTB and it should work..


The project files are now uploaded to

That is the default DL location for all files.

Progress is going great but slowly.. I’m concentrating on inproving the meshes on immediate terrain and cliffs and hills..

I’m doing the “Old” layout now, since it needs to be finished first..

First post…

Just the mandatory first post so that i can organize this page better..


You can comment on the posts, that’s a good way to communicate..


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